Kabutoyama Forest Park

Kabutoyama Forest Park is an urban park located in the center of Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, covering most of Mt. Kabutoyama and its foothills.
Opened in 1970, it was selected as one of the “50 Best Hyogo Forests” in 1984, “100 Best Urban Parks in Japan” in 1989, and “100 Best Urban Parks in Japan” in 1999, and now attracts 1.46 million visitors annually. It has become a very popular tourist spot.
Let’s find out why Kabutoyama Forest Park is attracting attention amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Popular Among Children

At Kabutoyama Forest Park, you can not only enjoy nature activities such as collecting acorns and pine cones, but there are many family events and events for small children.

Kabutoyama Forest Park


There is a simple mountain trail that even children can enjoy.


Rope tree-climbing, also for families.

Kabutoyama Forest Park

Luce’s Time

Crayon-playing with childminders “Luce”.

Karugamo Club

A nature/park playing club for toddlers aged 0-2 and their parents.

As you can see, at Kabutoyama Forest Park, “the nature is the playground”, allowing children to play freely, so there is no wonder why it is so popular among children.

Also Popular Among Adults

Approximately 90% of the area is covered with trees, so you can enjoy nature in each season with cherry blossoms, azaleas, and fresh greenery in the spring, and autumn leaves in the fall.
It is also a habitat for many wild birds, so you can enjoy bird watching, hiking, and jogging.

Kabutoyama Forest Park

Wellness Walking

Walking using “Climatic Topography Therapy”, which is also used as a treatment in Germany’s “Kurorth” (health resort).


Yoga instruction by a yoga therapist to revive supple mind and body

Kabutoyama Forest Park is a popular spot among the elderly as it is close to the city center and allows you to enjoy walks and forest bathing without having to drive long on mountain roads.

Kabutoyama Forest Park is loved by a wide range of generations, from children to adults, not only for enjoying nature but also for holding various events. Due to Covid-19, there has been increased attention to outdoor parks that are easily accessible in urban areas. It has become a very popular tourist spot with 1.46 million people visiting annually.

Access to Kabutoyama Forest Park

Kabutoyama Forest Park has very good access for a forest park, and can be accessed in about 15 minutes from the center of Nishinomiya city by car.
Generally speaking, when you think of a forest park, you think of it as being deep in the mountains, so it’s very easy to access from the city center.

Kabutoyama Forest Park

Kabutoyama Forest Park

43 Kabutoyamacho Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-0934
TEL  0798-73-4600
Parking (Free) Approximately 75 standard sized vehicles and 3 large buses

Public Transportation

・From Hanshin Nishinomiya station, take the Hanshin Bus Yamate Line and get off at “Daishido” stop, 15 minute walk from the bus stop
・From Hanshin Nishinomiya station, take the Hanshin Bus Jyurinji Line and get off at “Prefectural Kabutoyama Forest Park” stop
・From Hanshin “Koyoen” station, take the Hanshin Bus and get off at “Daishido” stop, 1km (20min walk)
・1.7km (30min walk) from Hanshin “Koyoen” station


・Via National Route 2
Approximately 15 minutes from Kaguracho intersection on National Route 2

・Via National Route 171
Approximately 15 minutes from Aoki intersection on National Route 171

We recommend using public transportation when visiting the park, as parking may be full during peak seasons such as during cherry blossom viewing.

Kabutoyama Forest Park and Agape Ohtsuru Museum (AOM)

Kabutoyama Forest Park

We explored the secret behind the popularity of Kabutoyama Forest Park, what did you think?
Surely, you’ve caught a glimpse of why so many people are fascinated by Kabutoyama Forest Park.

To summarize briefly:
・Good access from urban areas
・Most of the area is covered with trees, so both adults and children can enjoy nature in all four seasons.
・Many events such as nature exploration and healing experiences
In this way, Kabutoyama Forest Park has healed the minds and bodies of all generations through its great outdoors.

In fact, about a 2-minute drive from Kabutoyama Forest Park (via Kabutoyama Daishido), there is another space that heals the mind and body.

Agape Ohtsuru Museum (AOM)

That is the Agape Ohtsuru Museum (AOM).

In collaboration with the adjacent Agape Kabutoyaama Church and Agape Kabutoyama Hospital, we hope to help the sick recover from their illnesses and maintain their mental stability.
In addition, as an art center, it has been used by many local people as part of its contribution to the local community, and has provided healing to many people.

When you visit Kabutoyama Forest Park, be sure to stop by the Agape Ohtsuru Museum (AOM), a space that soothes the mind and body.

Access from Kabutoyama Forest Park to Agape Ohtsuru Museum (AOM)