Art and Craftwork of the Edo Era loved by the 64th and 65th Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka

Matsudaira Family Gold Lacquered Aoi Crest Flower Stand、Matsudaira Family Gold Lacquered Aoi Crest Inkstone Case

Matsudaira Family Gold Lacquered Aoi Crest Flower Stand

『Satin Aoi Crest Wakamatsu Gold Lacquered Bundai Inkstone Case』handed down from the Matsudaira Family.
Bundai and Inkstone case with three aoi crest and circle family crest of the Matsudaira Family lacquered on golden satin.
This is an extremely high quality masterpiece with Wakamatsu-like scenery depicted with embossed gold lacquerwork in golden satin and real silver wrapped around the edge.
A truly glamorous and graceful piece where vine patterns of the embossed gold lacquerwork of the inkstone case are closely drawn.
(Bottom portion of photo: Stand)

Matsudaira Family Gold Lacquered Aoi Crest Inkstone Case

Golden satin lacquerwork = The Daimyo at that time has invested its fortune for improvement of technique.
This Bundai and Inkstone case were handed down from the Matsudaira Family with Aoi Crest lacquered from the Bizen Matsudaira Family.
(Top portion of photo: Inkstone Case)

2 Japanese Dolls

2 Japanese Dolls

Glamorous and high quality dolls were created from Ieyasu Tokugawa until Ietsugu Tokugawa.
This “Kyohobina” was created near 1800 and was continued to be created until the Meiji Era.
The common point about this piece is Japan’s highest technique representing wealth and power.
The techniques of the 3 pieces have been highly acclaimed from all over the world.
It is extremely rare and valuable for a piece from the late Edo Era to exist in this graceful and refined state.

芝山細工棚Shibayama Craftsmanship Shelf

Shibayama Craftsmanship Shelf

Contrived by Senzo Shibayama in the late Edo Era.