Carriage of the Lord (Palanquin) -Third anniversary special exhibition work-

 In the Edo era, the palanquin ridden by the Lord was quite different from that of the common people. As symbolized by the Lord’s procession, it was a way to show authority. However, the Lord was not entitled to use the carriage freely. Usage of the carriage was heavily regulated by the laws for the samurai class. During times where the common people were not able to see the faces of noblemen, the carriage, which could only be seen during alternate attendance, was as noble as the shogun or Lord himself.

 This piece was obtained by Matsudaira Sadayuki, the son of Matsudaira Sadakatsu who was the half brother of Tokugawa Ieyasu, with 150,000 koku in 1635 as the third feudal lord of the Iyo Matsuyama Clan and was owned by the Matsudaira family until the Meiji restoration.

Iyo Matsuyama Clan Matsudaira Family Crest