Special Exhibition―The Great Terracotta Warriors and Copper Carriage Exhibition

Terracotta Warriors―An army corps protecting「eternity」

※The work exhibited is an elaborate ceramic replica.

・Sculpture of approximately 8000 warriors and horses buried near the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum
・Accurate graphic representation
・Approximately life-size. Not only are each facial expression different, details such as the hair and the back of the shoes are realistically recreated.
・Different colors used in different parts (the colors are faded as it was difficult to preserve)
・Weapons and armors are not ceramic as the body is, but is made from the actual material and has the ability to wound/kill.

The Terracotta Warriors are an army corps to protect which may have had the role of protecting the core of the「eternal world」that Qi Shi Huang dreamed of even after his death.

Kishayou (Warrior)

※The work exhibited is an elaborate ceramic replica.

・Image of an archer on one knee with the upper body slightly tilted to the side (The logical preparation position for shooting an arrow)
・The crossbow was originally carried in the right side
・Observers can feel the tension and nervousness through its facial expression
・By protecting its army by staying in battle position, their role was to attack their enemy at once to reduce their vigor
・It can be inferred that the fusillade was done in different stages

Copper Carriage―Carrying the soul of Qin Shi Huang

First copper carriage
※The work displayed is an elaborate copper replica.

・A copper replica with 2 types of 4-headed carriages
・Found in the west side of the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Hill in 1980
・Approximately half the size of the actual carriage
・The complex and intricate figure was created from 6000 different parts
・A luxurious piece with different colors used throughout and the horses are mounted with gold and silver metal fixtures
・The crossbow in the front left of the carriage top was used in case of unexpected attack. This component was epochal at that time.
・This piece is not only extravagant with high technique, but also only uses accessories suitable for the one with the absolute power and authority

Qin Shi Huang is not seen in the copper carriage. It is told that this was buried next to the Qin Shi Huan Mausoleum Hill to take the spirit and soul of Qin Shi Huan.


Exhibition Period
September 13, 2018~