National Treasure Yakushiji Temple East Tower (4F)

The piece on display is 1/50 of the original in size and has been created by sculptor Hogetsu Ishiwatari as an ivory sculpture.

This tower is the East Tower of the Yakushiji Temple edifice located in Nishinokyoucho, Nara. With a height of 34m, this edifice may seem like a 6-story tower, but in fact, the 1st, 3rd, and 5th roofs are small roofs called “mokoshi”, which makes this a 3-story tower. This is a special design unique to any other pagoda architecture. This East Tower is the only edifice of the Yakushiji Temple that stands as the way it was built, and expresses history of over 1300 years from the Nara era as well as the magnificent craftsmanship to modern people. This cultural property of ancient Nara has been recorded as a World Heritage in 1998. The East Tower is undergoing repair, which is scheduled to be completed in June, 2020.

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