Imperial Furniture of the Qing Dynasty―Red sandalwood flying dragon engraved luohan sofa and ornamental cabinet―

The development of Chinese furniture reached its peak during the 15th~17th century. The craftsmen of those days used tough and smooth hardwood such as red sandalwood and yellow rosewood to shape and sculpt the design with calligraphy-like lines while incorporating the style of the cultured people. This is how the so-called “Classic Ming-style Furniture” established its simple yet elegant, beautiful, and bold style. In the 18th century, due to the high needs of the imperial court, the style evolved into one with glamour and intricate beauty while leaving dignity and composure. The decorations are also highly intricate with carvings, inlay-works, drawings, and other techniques along with taking in material from the West from time to time.

This piece displayed is the luohan sofa and ornamental cabinet created for Emperor Qianlong, the 6th Emperor (1735〜1796). It has been told that this was used in the Forbidden City.

The “Five-clawed two-horned Dragon”, which is said to be the proof of the Emperor, is carved into the luohan sofa.
In the ornamental cabinet, “phoenix” “crane” and “flower” are carved, all of which show the characteristics of the imperial furniture of the Qing Dynasty.


Exhibition Period
May 8, 2019~