Mammoth Tusk

Mammoth Tusk

Mammoth is a large mammal belonging to the Proboscidea, Elephantidae, Mammuthus genus. All types are now extinct.

They are relatives with the modern elephant, but are not direct ancestors.
They inhabited the planet from approximately 4 million years ago to 10 thousand years ago. Mammoth were commonly equipped with large tusks, with some species having tusks as long as 5 meters long.

There are various species of the mammoth from large to small and have inhabited areas from Eurasia other than Siberia to Africa and South America. Many were found in North and South America.

There is no clear reasoning as to what caused the extinction of the mammoth, but a common speculation is that the climate change after the Ice Age had created a large impact on herbivorous mammoth.
Global warming caused increased rain and snow preventing plants from growing which ultimately resulted in extinction after starvation.
There is also a theory that our ancestors, who hunted mammoth, is a cause of their extinction.
There are also other theories such as an outburst of an infectious disease and a supernova explosion.

Although mammoth are now extinct, they have a relatively deep relationship with human beings. Many fossils have also been found since their extinction. However, the time of extinction or its reason behind it is still a mystery.

Main types of Mammoth

Mammuthus Trogontherii

Inhabited Europe. Largest among all elephants with a height of approximately 4.5 meters. With short hair and high crown, it is well known for the 2 extremely long tusks.

Mammuthus Columbi

Inhabited North America to Mexico. An evolution from Mammuthus Trogontherii. It is the largest of the mammuthus species and the last species of mammoth to inhabit the planet.

Mammuthus Meridionalis

First species of the mammoth, which appeared outside of Africa.
Approximately 4 meters tall with 2 large tusks and high possibility that there was minimal body hair.

Mammuthus Primigenius

Most commonly known in Japan. Inhabited large areas of Eurasia (North Western Europe, China, Siberia), Hokkaido, and North America.
A medium-sized mammoth approximately 3.5 meters tall with long body hair.

Mammuthus Exilis

Found in Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean. Known as island-living mammoth with a height of only 2 meters. These mammoth adapted to living in an isolated environment.


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