Winter Event Information Near Agape Ohtsuru Museum 2022

Here are some event information near Hyogo prefecture (Kobe, Sannomiya, Rokko, Nishinomiya, Awaji areas) for the cold winter season!
Please don’t forget to stop by Agape Ohtsuru Museum, Kansai area’s new attraction spot, when you visit Hyogo prefecture.

Gaslight Street Lights


All year



Kobe Gaslight Street〜Harbor Road Keyaki Trees

1-3 Higashi-Kawasakicho Chuo-ku Kobe, Hyogo 650-0044

Popular Harborland. The city is covered in illuminations from dusk.

100,000 LED lights illuminate the 700m long gaslight street and rows of zelkova trees. The harmony of the light with the gas lamp creates a more romantic atmosphere.
“Harbor Wink”, which turns off the lights one minute before 20:00, 21:00, and 22:00 and then turns them back on, is also popular!
It’s a moving moment when the cityscape, which is momentarily quiet, suddenly bursts into light.
You can take a walk while looking at the soft light of the gas lamps, the illuminations of the street trees, and the night view, or enjoy a leisurely meal at one of the restaurants that are open until late.
Why not enjoy the romantic illumination created by beautiful lights at Harborland?

Osaka Castle Illuminage


Nov 22, 2022 (Tues)〜Feb 26, 2023 (Sun)

Time:17:00~22:00(Illumination from 17:30~21:30)

※Please check the Osaka Castle Illuminage Website for details.


Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden

2 Osakajo Chuo-ku Osaka, Osaka 540-0002

Held for the first time in 2 years! A spectacular space made up of approximately 3.5 million bright lights

This year’s theme is “OSAKA LOVER Osaka Illumination History.”
Using Osaka Castle’s castle tower as a backdrop, the illuminations express the period from the Sengoku period to the present day.
Another highlight is the huge illumination display that recreates the battle between Gomora and Ultraman that took place in Osaka Castle.
We also recommend viewing it in conjunction with Ultraman Illuminage, which is being held at Tsurumi Ryokuchi in Hanahaku Memorial Park to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the broadcast.

Kobe Illuminage 2022


Nov 19, 2022 (Sat)〜Feb 26, 2023 (Sun)

Illumination Times: 17:30~21:30(Venue open from 17:00~22:00)
※Please check the Michinoeki Kobe Fruit & Flower Park Osawa website for details.


Michinoeki Kobe Fruit & Flower Park Osawa

2150 Kamiosawa Osawacho Kita-ku Kobe, Hyogo 651-1522

Kobe Illuminage is celebrating its 12th year. This year’s theme is “Mysterious Ice Palace Illumination”

The “Mysterious Ice Palace”, which debuted this year, is a gorgeous representation of the world of ice and allows you to fully enjoy the wonderful objects of the world of ice.
It is a famous photo spot with impressive objects such as the “Illumination Gold Fountain” which is approximately 6 meters high and the “Ice Tunnel” which stretches approximately 3.5 meters!
The illuminations spread throughout the vast grounds will make you feel as if you have wandered into a wonderland of lights.
There are many events such as an “experience-based” illumination where you can experience a fantastic light seesaw and a swing, carnival gimmicks with sound and light, and a light monkey show!
Why not take this opportunity to enjoy the spectacular illumination of light and sound with your loved ones?

Nishinomiya Shrine Toka Ebisu

Nishinomiya Shrine

Jan 9th〜11th Every Year

※Please check the Nishinomiya Shrine website for details.


Nishinomiya Shrine

1-17 Shakecho Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-0974

Nishinomiya Shrine is a shrine located in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, and is the head shrine of the approximately 3,500 Ebisu Shrines nationwide.
Ebisu was originally the god of fishing, but now he is famous as the god of prosperous business!

The “Lucky Man Selection” held at Toka Ebisu is famous.
The Shinto ritual, in which the gates open and people run to the shrine to compete for the luckiest fortune, has become a hot topic in various media.
More than 1 million worshipers visit over the three-day period every year, and it is expected to be very crowded.

After enjoying Toka Ebisu at Nishinomiya Shrine, drive about 20 minutes to the Agape Ohtsuru Museum (AOM).
We will welcome you in a “healing space” away from the hustle and bustle.


How was it?
There are many other events in Kobe in winter!
Please spend a precious time that will remain in your heart while being moved and healed in the rich nature.
Our museum is located about 20 minutes by car from Arima Onsen.
As it is located near Prefectural Route 82, it has good access by car and allows you to visit many sightseeing spots.
Be sure to visit the Agape Ohtsuru Museum (AOM) and enjoy a fulfilling day in Kobe.

*Future dates and times are subject to change, so please check before planning your visit.