Popular spots in Kansai! Summer Event Information

Here are some popular spots and event information in the Kansai and Hyogo (Kobe, Sannomiya, Rokkou, Nishinomiya, Himeji) area!
This is a must-see for those who still have yet to plan their summer.
While you are in Kansai, please be sure to visit “Kansai’s New Attraction!” Agape Ohtsuru Museum!

Rokkosan Pasture Ice Cream Soda-Making Experience

Event Period

July 23〜August 17, 2020

Summer Break Period Only
No reservations needed・First-come, first-served
Reception begins 30 minutes before each time period and ends 10 minutes before.

Please click the link below for details.
Rokkosan Pasture Website


Makiba Yume Kobo Basement

1-1 Nakaichisatoyama, Rokkoyama-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-0101
Admission Fee
Ice with Cream Soda-Making Experience
※Entrance Fee applies
Adults: ¥500
Elementary/Junior High School Students: ¥200
Toddlers: Free

The vast pasture and cute animals are sure to heal your heart!

You can enjoy interacting with sheep that are grazing freely in the ranch. There are many opportunities to interact with other cute animals such as horses, calves, goats, rabbits, miniature pigs, and cows, which makes this ranch a favorite among children.

There are also on-hand experiences such as making mascot dolls with sheep fur, and making dairy products such as cheese, butter, and ice cream.

In this exclusive summer vacation event, you can make cream soda with ice cream and your favorite syrup. Delicious ice cream made right at the ranch and colorful cream soda is a perfect match. This will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Kobe Harborland Toast on Board! Concerto Beer Cruise

Event Period

May 8〜October 4, 2020 Irregular Holidays

Lunch 12:00~14:00
Twilight 17:15~19:00
Night 19:30~21:30


Kobe Harborland

1, Higashikawasakicho, Chuo-ku, Kobe
Admission Fee
Beer Cruise Price
Weekdays (Mon〜Fri) ¥4,900
Sat/Sun/Holidays ¥5,400

Please click the link below for details.
Kobe Harborland Event Information

Enjoy Port City, Kobe, to its fullest!

Kobe Harborland has many facilities which include「umie」「Duo Kobe」「Harbor Center」「Karumeni Hall」「Promena Kobe」.
Visitors may enjoy shopping at「umie」and other unique stores, or enjoy the exquisite view from the restaurants. There is also a hot spring where visitors may change into a Yukata and can enjoy themselves all day long. Please enjoy the blue ocean, feel the sea breeze, and have a good time!

「Toast on Board! Concerto Beer Cruise」is enjoyed out in the ocean with live music, food, and drinks.
※Please checkthe Kobe Harborland Websitefor how to make reservations and other details.

Koko-en Summer Senga Art Exhibition

Koko-en Summer Senga Art Exhibition

June 21〜July 5, 2020

9:00〜18:00 (Doors close at 17:30)

Please click the link below for details.
Koko-en Website


Himeji, Hyogo Himeji Castle Nishi-Oyashiki-ato Garden Koko-en

Honmachi 68, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture Japan 670-0012
Admission Fee
Adults (18 and over) ¥310
Children (Elementary〜High School) ¥150

A Japanese Garden Overlooking a World Heritage

Koko-en is a Japanese garden located south-west of world heritage, Himeji Castle and is composed of 9 gardens. There are various gardens at which visitors may enjoy the taste of different seasons such as the Chisen Kaiyu style garden with 250 colored carps, Soujyuan, a tea garden with genuine Sukiya architecture, and a summer tree garden with scenery of the Himeji castle tower. This spot is also used for shooting historical dramas as it has a beautiful Edo-era taste.

Senga art pieces with landscapes of the garden and nature will be exhibited at the summer Senga Art Exhibition.
※Please confirm the status of the exhibition before visiting.

Kifune Shrine Tanabata Bamboo Decoration Light Up

Event Period

July 1〜August 15, 2020

※The event may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Please confirm before visiting.

Event Period/TimeSunset〜20:00


Kyoto Prefecture Kifune Shrine

180 Kuramakibunecho Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1112
Admission Fee
Offering prayer at the shrine is free (Star Festival message cards are available for ¥100 each)
Parking: Main shrine 10 vehicles, secondary shrine 15 vehicles. ¥500/2hrs

Click here for details

The head shrine of all 500 Kifune Shrines in Japan

Composed of the main shrine, kessha, and secondary shrine, the Kifune Shrine is known to bring prosperity, good marriage, and to make wishes come true. This is also a popular “power spot” for matchmaking. This shrine has been known to be a holy land from before recorded history with a saying “Being in touch with God’s Chi brings strength and energy”. (From the official website of Kifune Shrine)

The area and bamboo decorations are beautifully lit up during the Tanabata season. Why not make a wish on a star festival message card? We also recommend the river bed next to the Kifune River, Kyoto’s summer tradition

※The event may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Please confirm before visiting.


Other than the spots listed above, there are many popular areas near the Agape Ohtsuru Museum that will surely energize or heal your soul. Please check for events and enjoy your summer! (Business hours and holidays may change based on the situation of each facility. Please be sure to check for the latest information before making your visit.)

Lastly, please be sure to stop by Kansai’s New Attraction, Agape Ohtsuru Museum!
Many mystical and elaborate ivory sculptures and other works await your visit!